DSH Systems Ltd solves the world-wide industrial material handling problem - dust fallout while transferring dry, granular goods.

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Associate Professor Peter Wypych of the University of Woollongong, Australia, recently stated the DSH System reduced dust by 98%.

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'Award winners can solve grains dust problem'

DSH Systems produce award winning loading spouts which ingeniously contain the dust within the product stream when discharging dry bulk materials.

The DSH System cleverly avoids the need to employ more complicated equipment often used for truck, rail, ship, barge and store loading applications.

The DSH - Dust Suppression Hopper (loading spout) is installed under a feed point above the target repository, and kept at operating level.

A small degree of natural agitation as the loading hopper is filled excludes air from the material being transferred.

At the point of loading, the DSH dust suppression system concentrates the discharge of dry goods as a moving solid column through free air into any target repository including, ships, trucks, railcars, stockpiles, storage containers or bags. 
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Uncomplicated to install, easy to operate and maintain, the DSH dust suppression loading spout reduces hazards, health risks, dust, wastage, cleaning and maintenance costs and increases storage capacity.

Your requirements and infrastructure are discussed before you purchase a DSH System, this will ensure you have the best dust reduction solution for your business.
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Whats New From DSH Systems

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DSH System Benefits

  • Standard model - no internal moving parts and no utilities
  • Dust contained, no need to collect.
  • Increase load capacity
  • Ease Regulatory Body concerns
  • Dust explosion risk mitigation
  • Health & Safety benefits
  • Reduce environmental issues - enables operation closer to urban areas.
  • Capital, maintenance and cleaning costs reduced.
  • Reduce product shrinkage
  • Faster, cleaner loading of trucks and rail cars
  • Load stockpiles cleanly - better angle of repose, greater storage
  • Tight moving column - great for loading pneumatic trucks
  • PFC (positional feed control) Model available

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 To see the brochure:
'The Dust Suppression Hopper - Towards understanding the Science' by Clive E Davies, 
Professor  of  Particle and Process Engineering, School of Engineering and Advanced Technology,  Massey University, New Zealand