Case Study Two - Impact Fertilisers:

Impact Fertilisers

"Impact Fertiliser, the preferred supplier of nutrients to Tasmanian agriculture, installed a dust suppression hopper at the Devonport site two years ago.  Since then we have installed three more at depots around Tasmania and others in Victoria.  All Site Managers are more than pleased with their performance."
Breven Howe, Site Manager, Impact Fertiliser, Devonport Tasmania,  Australia

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Case Study Two - Impact Fertilisers

The Problem

Every year, Impact Fertilisers in Australia loads 120,000 tonnes of single superphosphate for bulk shipment, they also load around 200,000 tonnes for transportation by truck and container.  This loading process generated localised dust, resulting in environmental complaints from the wider community and OH & S issues (Occupational Health and Safety).  In order to meet the safety and environmental values of the business, the problem had to be resolved whilst continuing to operate at commercially competitive load rates.

The Solution

An innovative solution was found in the form of DSH Systems, Dust Suppression Hopper.  Installation and use of these hoppers has resulted in a significant reduction of fugitive dust emissions and are now installed at 12 additional Impact Fertilisers sites around Australia.  Reduced dust emissions while loading using the DSH System has resulted in improvements to the working environment and reduced environmental complaints.

All of this has been achieved with no reduction to the speed of loading and in some instances resulted in an increased loading rate.  The new system has been embraced by all parties and now constitutes standard practice.  "This project exemplifies sustainability by delivering sound environmental and economic outcomes through the introduction of innovative ideas."
Grant W Allen, Technical Manager, Impact Fertilisers P/L Australia

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