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CHIA Spain add DSH Systems as part of their extensive range of Loading Equipment offerings

Published:  DCI June 2016

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Four Reasons to Be Proactive about Getting Rid of Dust

Published: April 2016

Dust probably doesn't seem like a major threat to a business. We're all accustomed to dust. It's been around us our entire lives and it likely hasn't caused you any personal harm that you're aware of. But dust can be deceptively toxic to
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Joint Testing Protocol between a major US sand company and NIOSH (part of the US Health & Safety Authority).

Published:  DCI July 2015

A New Zealand company (DSH Systems Ltd) was identified in a literature search as potential dust control solution.There was limited data already collected from Australia and there were US companies with units installed to prove effectiveness.
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The Practicalities and Economics of Dust Suppression - White paper

Published: The Economist, Feb 2014

Dust is a widely recognised industrial hazard. Capable of forming an explosive cloud, it also presents an inhalation danger
for operational personnel and can create visibility problems. Controlling dust is crucial for health, safety and environmental reasons and may also be driven by economics. Dust spreading through an operating area is lost product and has an associated value. In this paper, Peter Guttridge, chairman of Guttridge, and Ian Walton, chief executive officer at DSH Systems, examine the issue of dust release during bulk material loading, why it happens and the problems it creates.

DSH vs Conventional telescopic bellows

Published: Australian Bulk Handling Review, Nov/Dec 2013

Dust clouds can have negative impact on bulk handling businesses on a vartiety of different fronts. But manufacturer DSH Systems believes its flagship product, the Dust Supression Hopper, is one way bulk product handlers can tackle the multi-headed threat of dust clouds. To read more...

Total Concentration

Published:, 22 Nov 2013

Dry bulk technology designed to streamline handling is out there...
Dust Suppression is high on the wish-list of ports investing in dry bulk handling equipment and not solely for the altruistic
act of reducing the local resident's inhalation of potentially harmful particles. To read more...

DSH Systems award-winning loading spouts

Published: Dry Cargo International, Jul 2013

DSH Systems produces award-winning loading spouts which ingeniously contain the dust within the product stream when discharging dry bulk materials. The DSH System cleverly avoids the need for the more complicated systems currently used in applications. To read more...

DSH adds Tardis model to range

Published: Australian Bulk Handling Review, November/December 2012

While DSH Systems has been winning awards for its dust suppression hopper since 2006, the company has recently added a new model called the Tardis. To read more....

DSH Systems offers reduced dust loading

Published: Dry Cargo International, Nov 2012

The DSH (Dust Suppression Hopper) cleverly avoids the need for more complicated equipment currently used in truck, rail and out-loading applications. To read more...

Dust Busters

Published: Growing Hawkes Bay Business, Issue 2 2012

A ground-breaking feat of design and engineering by Napier based DSH (Dust Suppression Hopper) Systems is helping clean up the world's industrial loading sites. To read more...

DSH expands hopper range

Published: Australian Bulk Handling Review, July/Aug 2012

DSH Systems has recently expanded its range of dust suppression hopppers, with the addition of the ''Tardis" and Mini hoppers.   DSH hoppers allow dry, dusty, granular materials to flow coherently en masse and the company claims the virtual elimation of dust emissions. To read more...

First DSH hopper in Germany

Published:, Jan 2012

The first DSH Hopper in Germany is a fact. At a big sugar processing company a DSH Hopper is mounted for loading trucks with pellets. Insolids travelled to the customer, who is already very satisfied about the functioning of the DSH Hopper and the dust reduction which the DSH has already realized, for the last adjustments. To read more...

Clean loading of fertilizers with DSH

Published: Dry Cargo International, Nov 2011

DSH Systems produces hoppers for bulk loading of dry goods including fertilizers, grains, stock foods, limes, sugar, salt and so forth.
The award-wining loading system from DSH Systems enables dust-free loading into a range of repositories such as trucks, rail cars, storage heaps barges and ships. To read more...

Colonne gravitaire anti-poussière

Published: Le Journal Du Vrac, #81, Sept/Oct 2011

Pour faire face à l'éternel problème de dégagement de poussière lors du déversement de produits granuleux secs à écoulement libre, la société DSH-Systems a imaginé un système de goulotte suspendue. Celui-ci permettrait, en
outre, d'améliorer la qualité du chargement et la capacité de stockage. To read more...

Dust Problem while loading superphosphate

Published:, Aug 2011

NAPIER - Each year, Impact Fertilisers in Australia loads 120,000 tonnes of single superphosphate for bulk shipment and around 200,000 tonnes for truck and container movements. To read more...

Dust Problem while bulk loading fertilisers

Published:, June 2011

NAPIER - Ravensdown Fertiliser Ltd in Napier had a dust problem while bulk loading fertilizers into their general store. Trucks, front end loaders and staff were all working in a dirty, low visibility situation and the potential for an accident was high. To read more...

DSH Systems Appoints UK Distributor & Introduces Two New Hoppers

Published:, Jan 2011

DSH Systems Ltd, suppliers of unique and effective solutions for dust control of dry, granular products for the bulk loading industry, are pleased to announce they have further extended their global network with the appointment of Guttridge Limited as their UK and Ireland distributor.

Guttridge Limited of Spalding, Lincolnshire are leaders in the bulk material handling industry and design and manufacture bulk handling machinery in the UK. To read more...

Making Dust a Thing of the Past

Published: Dry Cargo International, Nov 2010

Fallout from bulk loading dry goods is now a thing of the past with the development of DSH Systems Ltd (dust suppression hopper) which fertilizer companies in New Zealand, Australia, North and South America and South Africa have embraced to
control their dust and provide a cleaner and safer work environment. To read more...

DSH Systems extend their global network

Published:, Oct 2010

DSH Systems Ltd, suppliers of award winning, unique and effective solutions for dust control while transferring dry, granular products, have pleasure in announcing they have further extended their global network with the appointment of Drummond Equipment Inc as their Canadian distributor. To read more...

Keeping Dust Under Control

Published: Economy Tribune, August/September 2010

Operating from New Zealand's Art Deco architecture capital in picturesque Hawke's Bay, Napier, DSH Systems Ltd. specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative dust suppression hoppers for a wide range of applications. To read more...

Distinguished export efforts awarded

Published: Business to Business, Wednesday 26 August 2009

It was a double achievement for Ian Walton when he was awarded the internationally accredited Diploma
of International Trade - he also received the School's ‘2009 Distinguished Exporter' Award.
Vice President at Auckland based ATRAX Group, Ian Walton has been studying for the Diploma since February
of last year, juggling his assessments with a punishing schedule, which has him travelling to export markets all
over the world. To

Training establishing international exporting standards

Published: Bright, Feb/Mar 2009

Two new exporting schools are helping exporters lift their training and skills so they can trade on an equal standing with their competitors. Penny Harding reports.
It's a lot easier to be a 'fairweather' exporter – economic conditions over recent years have been gentle on Kiwi companies wanting to give it a go. But in the tougher environment of 2009, those with export skills will find them valuable. Two new exporting schools in New Zealand will help take the 'hit and miss' out of trading overseas.
Ian Walton, vice president of aviation and logistics at ATRAX Group New Zealand,...To read more...

Dust Control Technology, Application or Practise

Published: Australian Bulk Handling Awards, 2007

This award recognized best practice in dust and fume suppression, management or control, or innovation in dust control technology, equipment or application. To read more...

New dust-suppression hopper enters South African market

Publication:, Feb 2007

Bulk materials-handling company DSH Systems, of New Zealand, has sold its first dust-suppression hopper (DSH) in South Africa to Omnia Fertilisers. To read more...

Dust Busting Dust Suppression Hoppers win Innovation award

Published:, Oct 2006

The October Product of the Month is the Dust Suppression Hopper from DSH Systems Limited in New Zealand. This feature position coincides with the announcement that the company was joint winner of the "Innovative Technology Award" at the recent BulkEx 2006 Exhibition in Melbourne. "To be recognized by the experts in the bulk materials handling industry was a great honour" said Judi Schwass of DSH. Commenting further, she added, "It is very gratifying and will go a long way to dispelling the myth that the hopper is a product of trick photography!" To read more...

Innovative Technology

Published: Australian Bulk Handling Awards, 2006

In the evenings' finale, dual winners are announced for the Innovative Technology Award, which garnered a massive slew of nominations. On judging day - held around a month before the Awards night the panel of judges was - unanimous in its praise for DSH Systems, and Olds Elevator, but deadlocked when it came to splitting the pair. To read more...