Product Catalogue:

DSH Systems hoppers come in 11 sizes, your size selection should be made in conjunction with Head Office or your distributor and is dependent on your product type, bulk density and flow rates. 

Please contact us so that we can assist you to select the correct size for your product and application.

DSH Systems Mini

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DSH Systems Sizes

DSH Systems currently produces 11 hopper sizes:

DSH Demo DSH 2
DSH Mini DSH 3


Your size selection is dependent upon your product, its bulk density and flow rate.  Your decision on size requirement should be made in conjunction with your supplier.

DSH Systems is a customer driven innovative company and we continue to research new sizes and construction materials

DSH System Construction Materials

You can specify the construction material of each DSH system to suit your requirements, which could be any of the following but not limited to this list:

• Polyethylene and Nylon rotational moulded hoppers to cover most applications,
• Steel and 304 stainless steel hoppers for warm or abrasive products
• 316 Stainless steel hoppers for food grade and corrosive situations
• Steel examples are Electro Galvanised, Mild Steel, Corten, Hardox etc


DSH System Applications

The DSH System hoppers are used to reduce dust while transferring dry, granular, free flowing products.  The hoppers are used for bulk loading fertilisers, stock foods, meals and pellets, wheat, barley, sugars, some limes, salt, sand and gravel.  Click here to see if your Dry Goods have been trialled so far.  If your product is not on this list please contact us and we
can arrange to trial it for you.

DSH System is used under a central feed point while bulk loading into any target repository including trucks, rail cars, storage containers, bags, stock piles, ships or barges. To view some of these applications look at our Photo Gallery and Case Studies.

Engineered Solutions

DSH Systems will analyze your requirements and your existing loading facilities to provide the best dust reduction solution for your environment. Site specific engineering may be required to suit your requirements. To date customization has included features such as steel or fabric filter covers, dust socks (with or without covers), custom-made springs and frames.  If your site does not fit our standard products we will endeavour to engineer a solution that works for your application. 

DSH System Models

DSH Systems produces two models that can be any size or construction material:

• The standard model requires no utilities and has no internal moving parts.
• The PFC model (Positional Feed Control) has a computerised discharge rate control system for products with different specific gravities; thus allowing the load-out of various materials on the same conveyor system.  All DSH System models can be configured for PFC configuration

We supply a Dust Suppression System that is specific to a customers site and product.  Please check with us or your supplier to discuss your requirements.

(The Intellectual Property behind the DSH system and the unique technology involved have been fully protected and are subject to patents. Our patents are insured through one of the major companies on the London insurance market.)