Dry Goods List:

A multiple installation of DSH Systems, loading rape seed in France. See more installation photos.

DSH System loading fertiliser in Australia. See more installation photos.

DSH System loading grain in Australia.
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Dry Goods List

The DSH System reduces dust while bulk loading dry, granular, free running products.  Below is a list of the products that have been successfully tested and/or installed. We are constantly testing new products so if your product is not on this list please contact us at DSH Systems and we will arrange to test it.






 Revel A                        Installed                              
   Salt - Table           
   Sugar - Pellets Installed
   Sugar - Raw Installed
   Sugar - Refined Installed
   Tea Tested


 Blue T Super Installed
   Bourucca rock Installed
   Charcoal - Granulated Tested
   Dicalcium Phosphate DAP
   Dolomite - Crushed Tested
   Dolomite - Lime Installed
   Lime Installed
   Lime - Granular Installed
   Lime - Powder Installed
   MAP Installed
   Phosphate - Rock Installed
   Potash Installed
   Potassium Sulphate Installed
   RPR Fertiliser Installed
   Sulphur Installed
   Superphosphates Installed
   Togo Rock Installed
   Turkish Soda Tested
   Urea Installed

 Grains & Stock Food

 Barley Installed
   Barley - Feed Installed
   Barley - Malt Installed
   Barley - Pellets Installed
   Bran - Pellets Installed
   Broll - Milling Installed
   Canola - Meal Installed
   Citrus - Pellets Installed
   Corn Installed
   Corn - Crushed Installed
   Corn - Gluten Installed
   Corn - Gluten Feed Installed
   Corn - Gluten Meal Installed
   Corn - Meal
   Corn - Meal Pellets Installed
   Corn Cobs - Crushed Tested
   Corn Germ Tested
   Cotton seed - De-linted Tested
   DDG - Dried Distillers Grain Installed
   Feed - Ground Installed
   Feed - Pellets Installed
   Feed Phosphate Installed
   Germen Malta Tested
   Grains Installed
   Maize Installed
   Maize - Gluten Installed
   Meal - Pellets Tested
   Megalac Installed
   Peanut Meal Installed
   Pepsoygen Installed
   Rape Seed Installed
   Rapeseed - Meal Installed
   Rice - Hulls Installed
   Soya Installed
   Soya - Beans Installed
   Soya - Hulls Installed
   Soyabean Installed
   Soyabean - Meal Installed
   Soyabean - Pellets Installed
   Stock Food Installed
   Sunflower - Pellets Installed
   Wheat Installed

 Minerals & Quarry

 Bauxite Tested
   Charcoal - Granulated
   Feldspar Tested
   Gravel Tested
   Kaolin Installed
   Kieserite Installed
   Limestone - Sand Installed
   Magnesite Installed
   Marble Powder Tested
   Olivine Installed
   Salt - Coarse Installed
   Salt - De-icing Installed
   Sands - Various Installed
   Silica - Sand Installed
   Soda Ash Installed
   Sodium Sulphite Installed


 Wood - Pellets Installed


If your product is not on this list we will test it for you, please contact us to arrange a trial or discuss your requirements.