The DSH Difference:

DSH System loading urea dust free.

The DSH System is easy to install and efficiently replaces less effective loading spouts. 

Bag-houses can often be decommissioned or relocated. Dust is contained by the DSH System within the column of your product, reducing waste disposal costs and product shrinkage.

"For 28 years I haven't seen anything that can control grain dust from that height when hitting the ground.  It (DSH System) is a huge improvement from what it was without them.  Saftey wise, guys wouldn't go into the plant, we had to do something drastic really quickly. This has turned it around overnight." Garth Gillam, Millian Manager, Goodman Fielder NZ Ltd.

To see photo evidence of the difference a DSH System can make, see our Photo Gallery

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The DSH Difference

Why choose a DSH System over other dust control solutions?


What makes the DSH System unique?

• Easy to install with minor interruption to production
• Minimal reconfiguration required for installation
• Exceptional support and customer service
• Award winning (see awards)
• Patented product
• Standard model has no internal moving parts
• Variety of sizes available to suit customers unique requirements
• Supported by an innovative, progressive distribution network  (see International Distributors)

Savings and Benefits:

• Standard model uses no utilities and has no internal moving parts
• Reduce maintenance and cleaning costs
• Dust contained - reduce dust disposal costs
• Relocate or turn off dust extraction  
• Reduce loss of fugitive fines (see formula for savings)
• Reduce storage expenses - increase capacity - less air = more product
• Faster cleaner truck, ship and rail car loading - continuous loading per vehicle
• Reduce product shrinkage - sell more product 
• Load stockpiles cleanly - better angle of repose = greater storage ability
Improve your employee Health and Safety
• Ease Regulatory Body Concerns
• Dust explosion risk mitigation
 Care for your Environmental Community - enables operation closer to urban areas
• Improve air quality 
• Improve visibility while loading

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