Savings Formula:

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If you would like to calculate your savings using your own figures  download the savings calculation spreadsheet.

When you use a DSH System your product is contained within a moving column and you can sell what would have otherwise have been lost in a cloud of dust.

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Savings Formula

A DSH system contains fugitive fines so that you sell all of your product and reduce the risk of nutrient extraction. To calculate your potential financial savings, use the following formula and your loading figures and prices.
This formula uses conservative figures supplied by one of our clients.

26 tonne truck load containing 50 kgs of fugitive fines.

10 trucks per day = 500 kgs
500 kgs @ $190/T = 95.00 per day
5 days = $475.00 per week
48 weeks per year = $22,800 per year

Click to download this formula on an interactive spreadsheet.

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