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Hampshire Grain
DDG in Iowa USA
DSH7 loading sugar
Hoppers USA
Before DSH - loading animal feed
After installing DSH - animal feeds
Truck loading lime with a DSH
Soybean truck loading in China
Bag loading using a DSH System
Tandem DSH Hoppers
Loading Sand
Outdoor stockpile loading
Truck loading fertiliser
Truck loading lime
Barge Loading  - before DSH
Barge loading -  After
Truck loading urea
Container loading
Multiple truck loadout points
Ship loading Urea in Europe
Truck loading fertiliser
Ship loading wood pellets
DSH Demonstration hopper
14 metre drop
10 Metre drop
Before DSH -  Lime
After DSH - lime
Fertiliser loading
Award Winning innovation - DSH Systems
Loading lime
Before installing a DSH System
After Installing a DSH System
The Tardis DSH system